Edge Lit LED Signs

These are a new item and growing in popularity with our customers.

Edge Lit LED Signs:



Lasting Laser Impressions can design and fabricate any electrical signage that you need for your construction needs for warning signs. 12vdc, can be mounted vertical / horizontal or suspended.





These signs can be done in a multi-color changing base or in solid colors of white, red, blue or green. The band “Sweaty” mounts their sign on their monitor to advertise their name and website.




Night lights:

For parents of newborns we can personalize a nightlight size LED sign with the baby’s vital statistics. (sign is 6.5 inches at the base) Choose the multicolored base and the emitted light will shine up on the ceiling keeping your newborn mystified for hours or at least until they go to sleep.



Solid color signs are available in white, red, blue and green. It is also available in a color changing version. Signs are available in widths of 6 1/2”, 9 1/4”, 14 3/8” or 16 1/2”. The one shown below is 16 1/2 x 9” and run about $80

Used for special occasions and ceremonies:


Great idea for the head table at a wedding reception, anniversary party or special dinner. (After the wedding the bride can turn on the light for a few weeks prior to the anniversary date… ensuring the groom won’t forget the date).


It can also be used to lead guests to the guest book and gift area. The possibilities are endless and photos can be engraved on the sign too.

Click on the Red sign to see calendar for Sweaty