Marble Plaques

School Photos, Remembrance and Memories

We take your child’s school photo and place it on one half of the marble tile and then add such things as the school’s logo, year, accomplishments of the student and location of the school. Again,  the information engraved is all taken from what you supply. For large groups we can standardize the layout.


These plaques are available in sizes:

5” x 7” , 8”x 10”  up to a full size 12” x 12”


Need a larger size? We can make you a mosaic of several tiles that when placed in the correct order can fill a wall, or floor.


Have a family that you want to include on one plaque. We can accommodate you desires with a grouping such as the one to the left. Use your imagination and let us work with you to get that lasting impression piece created.


Price for a 12”x12” tile like the one shown here is $125 USD framed and ready to display.



This moving remembrance and tribute to a brother captures very simply the emotions of brothers, one for the other. The main cross and dates were copied from tattoos worn by each of his brothers after Matt’s untimely passing. Photos were provided of a young Matt and Matt with his companions.


If the need arises, we look forward to creating a tribute for your family to assist in remembering your loved one.


Wedding or Anniversary Memories

Let us help you design a one of a kind gift. Nothing says I love you more than a diamond, unless it is your wedding vows engrave in stone.  We can take a precious photo of your wedding day, add some embellishments and your wedding vows or phrase that signifies the love you have for each other . We then place them on a quality piece of black marble that will last for years to come.


We can make a 25th or 50th anniversary plaque. We can add silver or gold fill, as appropriate, to the engraved text or border.


Use two photos, one of the original wedding date and one of the couple now. We can even help in restoring the image if it has degraded over the years.