Marble Tiles and Wooden- Memorials

Marble Memorial Tile and Wood Plaques

The top image is the image developed on the computer that was converted through our photo engraving software and sent to our “Epilog Laser”. 


The image quality of the lower photo does not do the finished product justice. This was done on very black marble and is an exquisite memorial piece.


The image does show how we can create a lasting laser impression with your photos and provide a great long lasting memorial for your loved one.


These plaques are available in sizes:

5” x 7” , 8”x 10”  up to a full size 12” x 12”


How do we guarantee your satisfaction?

We send you an image like the one above for your approval before any work is started. We can make corrections, additions and modifications all before any product is engraved. Once you approve, the image is then engraved on the marble.




Janet Bolyard, a talented woodworker, was commissioned to create a mahogany replica of an officer’s badge for a memorial plaque for AZ DPS Officer Bruce Harrolle. Officer Harrolle tragically lost his life in the line of performing his duties.


Janet asked if we could do the engraving of the text on the plaque. We were proud to be part of this project and believe that our work complimented the great work done by Janet. Her  email address is located on our LINKS page.


This Plaque is 14” point to point and 2” thick.